We produce three products – BSF eggs (ProEggs), larvae (ProLarvae) and soil amendment (ProAmend).

Our production process is completely traceable from field to fly and we have developed proprietary software platform that provides input and output traceability.


We specialize in almond hull biomass conversion using Black Solider Fly (BSF) Insects. Our process is highly sustainable, traceable and ecologically sound. Insects are a sustainable alternative protein for fish feed, chicken feed and pet snacks.


Our Seed Investment Round was fully funded in 2019. Accredited Investors are invited to learn more.


HermetiaPro is leading the world in commercial, sustainable Black Soldier Fly (BSF) vertical farming.

Using BSF larva, HP economically converts almond hulls into valuable proteins and premium soil amendments. Specific HP advancements in BSF egg production with high viability and hatch rates has focused energies on first building their BSF egg production facility with plans to add a full production facility in the near future.

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