About Us

About Us

We are focused on leading the world in commercial Black Soldier Fly insect farming using advanced sustainable agriculture methods. We cultivate insect-based protein for animal feed: poultry, fish, and pets.

We rear Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) using ultra high-efficiency, environmentally sound methods. BSFL are benign non-pest insects that can economically transform residues such as almond hulls into valuable proteins and premium soils. Using BSFL lets us close the loop of sustainable agriculture loop while addressing a pressing need: creating alternative protein to meat rising global food demand.


Hermetia Pro specializes in almond hull biomass conversion using BSFL. California Almond growers annually produce over 2.5 billion pounds of almonds; they supply over 80% of the global market and nearly 100% of the domestic market. California almond production annually yields 5 billion pounds of hulls and shells know as co-products. Currently there are limited uses for the hulls, however this clean biomass is ideael for biomass conversion using BSF. HermetiaPro’s strategic partnership helps the Almond Board of California reach their goal of zero waste by 2025 while also supplying soil supplements that are high in nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter.


Our Team

John Paul
John Paul, JP, currently serves as President. A third-generation California farmer, JP is a graduate of California State University at Fresno. JP oversees the operations, investor relations, marketing and sales. As an original founder, JP uses his agricultural and business experience to advance the mission of the organization.

Becca Cartier
Becca earner her Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from California State University at Fresno. Becca comes to Hermetia Pro with a vast knowledge and understanding of process engineering and research. Along with Ben Runyon, Becca heads the egg production and quality assurance effort.

Ben Runyon
Ben earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from California State University at Fresno. Ben brings a comprehensive and operational understanding of process and quality control. Along with Becca Cartier, Ben heads the egg production and quality assurance effort.

Eric Tilton
As Chief Technology Officer and engineering lead, Eric brings extensive systems, technology, and business startup experience to Hermetia Pro. With a B.S.E.E., Magna Cum Laude from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and over two decades of experience, Eric oversees AI development as well as larvae production and harvesting.