How We Do It

HermetiaPro Advantage

HermetiaPro is leading the world in commercial, sustainable Black Soldier Fly (BSF) vertical farming. Using BSF larva, HP economically converts almond hulls into valuable proteins and premium soil amendments. Specific HP advancements in BSF egg production with high viability and hatch rates has focused energies on first building their BSF egg production facility with plans to add a full production facility in the near future.

Patented Process

HP sets itself apart from its competition by developing proprietary breeding processes (patent pending), sustainable commercial BSF indoor vertical farming, proprietary shipping packaging and processing (patents pending) and the industry’s highest known egg viability rate. Additional copyright and trademark applications are expected for the AI production component.


By using California almond hulls, HP is able to trace BSF production from field to fly, which is important in all alternative protein market segments. BSF production requires minimal water resources, which contributes to the high sustainability production factor. The BSF breeding process is 100% recyclable making it not only sustainable, but also resilient.

Almond Hulls
California Almond growers produce over 2.5 billion pounds of almonds annually with approximately 80% of the global market and nearly 100% of the domestic market. This yields approximately5 billion pounds of hulls and shells, also known as co-products. The hull is the softer outermost casing and is high in sugar content. Currently, there are limited uses for hulls. Hulls and shells are clean biomass (organic matter) with full traceability. The Almond Board of California has a zero-waste goal by 2025. Almond Hulls currently are available for approximately. The main BSF feeding component is almond hulls.